Thursday, June 16, 2016

Who? (5 Ws of Marketing)

Your marketing materials have to have the right information, or your future clients will not be able to find you. Make sure that your customers are well informed and know what they are getting.  It helps if you have your materials ready by using the 5Ws in each and everything you promote. 

They are Who, What, When, Where, How, and Why.


That is an easy enough question. Who are you? Believe it or not many individuals have forgotten to put their name on a business card. It does happen. If that is unbelievable, you should hear about the companies that also forget to put their logo or company name.

When making your marketing materials make sure that you follow this simple guideline for the Who of your printed material.

  • Name on the Left Side or Middle
  • Name 2-3 fonts bigger than the body. You want to be noticed but not overbearing with your logo and name
  • It has to stand out.
Name branding is such an important thing in today’s media. If I do not know who you are, why would I buy from you? Alternatively, worst yet. You are offering something I need, and I have your card, but I do not know who you are.

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