Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Top 5 Reasons For An Author Website

There are many reasons to have an author website. However, the top five are the ones that you as an author, needs. Not all websites are created equal, and not all of them offer the same things.

These are the top five reasons why you should have an author website.

A website introduces you to your readers
It promotes your books 
It can reach your target market with proper advertisement
Keeps your readers informed
Keeps you in the competition

As an author, you have books that you offer your readers. You can place ads everywhere and hope someone will buy your books. However, a website will bring them because they know what they are getting.

“Successful websites are like books, they’re not born, they are created. It takes time to outline, flesh it out, critique, proof, and publish. Your website needs the same attention as your book. The Ghoster makes it easy for you.”

Sunday, May 8, 2016

You Should Have Access to your Website

You Should Have Access to your Website

A Website is a Virtual Business Card or Brochure of you as a writer. This is where you show your current and future readers your literary works.  As well as where your next book signing will be, release date of your next book, your blog, and social media. Your website is your gateway to your readers. Download The Ghoster’s Author Website Ebook for FREE at The

You don’t know how to access your account? What are the account number, password, invoices, et.? Can’t get a hold of the person who did your website? Do you have to pay extreme amounts of money just to change something on your website?

These are common problems many authors have lately. I have spoken to many writers in the Las Vegas area and they don’t know anything about their websites. Some authors are at the brink of closing their websites because they can’t do anything with it.

You should have access to your website account. You should be able to make minor changes and have the ability to update your apps or services. Change is a constant factor in the life of a writer. You have a new book, you’re scheduled for a book signing, you have a presentation on your subject, etc. If you don’t have control you’re being locked into a situation that you might be losing monetary opportunities.

Here’s a test you need to take with your webmaster to see if she’s not doing her job.

  • You paid more than $500.
  • She charges more for revisions.
  • She gives you the runaround to not provide you with answers or make changes.
  • Does she tell you that she’s too busy to help you?
  • She avoids giving you access to your own website.
  • She owns your domain name and web hosting accounts.
  • Did she steal you from another company and promised the world and delivered a headache?

If you answer YES to at least 1 of the above. You need to find another person to do your website.
Shop around for a company that gives you access and shows you how to do your website. ASK questions. There are no stupid questions except for the ones you don’t ask.

You should demand the following from the person that makes your website.

  • Response time within 24 hours.
  • Consults with you on the design, content, images, and your goal for the website before getting started. To help you with this you can purchase The Ghoster’s Author Website Notebook as a guide.
  • Talks to you in a friendly matter without making you feel like you’re a small insect. (I hear that a lot.)
Give you access to your website, hosting, domain, and other accounts.

Charge a fair price without any secret or hidden charges. Additional services are of course extra. Just make sure that you know in advance of any additional charges before committing to them.
Take control of your website. Be free from someone else’s control.  Give your website the attention it deserves.

Andres Fragoso, Jr.
The Ghoster

Wednesday, May 4, 2016


Your web site’s copy writes content needs to be entertaining, informative, and related to your books.
The content of your web site is just as important as the books you write. If it has no content, what is the reader going to read? Imagine your web site as your latest book. It needs have all the elements necessary to keep your readers interested, informed, and happy. Yes. Happy. A happy reader is a loyal reader. 

Try to keep each page to a minimum of 300 words and your maximum is determined on your needs. Do not make is so long that the reader loses interest. It needs to give enough information to keep them informed but not so much that they are bored. 

  • They need to contain the most important elements of your writing
  • Use language your reader understands
  • Use links to other websites that relate to your books
  • Each page should have at least three hundred words for the SEO to catch it
  • Use information once so it won’t be redundant
  • Spell out abbreviations
  “Successful websites are like books, they’re not born, they are created. It takes time to outline, flesh it out, critique, proof, and publish. Your website needs the same attention as your book. The Ghoster makes it easy for you.”