Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Top 5 Reasons Authors Do Not Have A Website

Authors rely on their agents and publishers to promote and advertise their books. Agents count on their authors to market them themselves. Books can be seen on internet books sites. Friends and family don’t always spread the word that you have written a book. You can go months or years before you sell a book. There is a more efficient way to let the public know.

The most common questions of authors are:

  1. Why would I need a website?
  2. How does it sell my books?
  3. Who would see my website?
  4. Will people actually see my new books?
  5. How can I afford an expensive website?

The answers to these questions are what this book is about as well as how to build your own website.

“Successful websites are like books, they’re not born, they are created. It takes time to outline, flesh it out, critique, proof, and publish. Your website needs the same attention as your book. The Ghoster makes it easy for you.”

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