Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Music or Sounds

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Music can be a powerful tool when it is part of your book. Images are for one of the sense and Music is for another. We can add music in the background or give the reader the option of playing it.

However, unless is part of your book your going to annoy your reader. They want to read and know what your book is about. Not listen to music that might not be to their taste or it does not go with the theme of your web site.

Unless you are in the music industry, avoid any music
It can be annoying, distracting, and unnecessary and
It discourages your readers from coming back
Give the reader the option to start or stop playing sound

If your book is about music. Then you must have music. Have it at the start of the web site or give a link to where they can find it. Musicians have musical samples on their websites. If your books are an historical accounts of music, give samples of the music in different thumbnails.

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