Tuesday, March 15, 2016


Stick with basic colors, pick two or three that complement each other or contrast. Use the moods to represent what you offer and how your readers feel. You can make it inviting by using colors to your advantage.

  • Cool and Calming
    • Blue is calming, trusting, and sincere feelings
    • Green is soothing, restful, nurturing, balanced, and growth
    • Violet is an inspirational, royal, and spiritual color
  • Warm and Firing
    • Red attracts immediate attention is sensual, strong
    • Orange It is exciting, joyful, and energetic
    • Yellow is vibrant, fun, and entertaining
  • Neutrals
    • Browns are earthy, healthy, hard work, and stability
    • Beige is trusting, calm, plain, neutral feelings
  • Monocratic
    • Black is sophisticated, mysterious, and very powerful
    • White means purity, clean, sophisticated, and freedom

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