Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Reason #2 - It Promotes Your Books

What is the goal of your website? The purpose of your website is to bring readers to your website. That’s the whole idea. You want to give your prospective readers a reason to come to you.

With a website, you have Carte Blanche on how and what to promote your books. It is on the internet, which means your website is available at all times. It capitalizes on Word of Mouth directly including social media.


You are an author, which means you have something to offer your readers. The literary world is very competitive and you want to be in the game. A website is a great way to keep competitive.

  • What genre do you write?
    • Overview of your main genre
    • The other genre’s you write
    • How long have you been writing?
  • What is the price for each book?
    • Competition is great, especially if you know what it is
    • Compare your prices with other books
    • Offer more for their buck

“Successful websites are like books, they’re not born, they are created. It takes time to outline, flesh it out, critique, proof, and publish. Your website needs the same attention as your book. The Ghoster makes it easy for you.”

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